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Vanturi Le Santicetus Tanturopaner Di Cerivos

The Sexual Misadventures and Insanity of Lady Orange

Lady Orange
1 July
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my hair is a lovely 4ft of orangered, I am no lady, I burp when I am near good friends, I put my elbows on the table, I swear, according to my mother I have 'balls', I correct people's grammar, I analyze what I see and make connections where none should be made, I don't cower beneath a trouble or a threat, I am a vegeterian that suffers from bloodlust, I don't actually believe that I hate anyone, sometimes I listen to music that I am ashamed to admit to, I am currently very happy with how I am and how I've managed to recover from bad habits, I love to dance to my own beat though it is difficult to find someone else who likes to gyrate the same way, I tend to have sexual misadventures that surprisingly don't scar me or frighten me away, I AM obsessed with sex, I suck on frozen cherries whenever I get the chance to, oh and I suck on popsicles in a way that make boys nervous, I love my father even though he was never there for me when I needed him, I am most likely bisexual, I fell in love and he broke my heart, I have some strange infatuation with primates, I listen to music to take myself away from this place, I grew up in a town where the apples are fresh in the morning and the smell of burning leaves doesn't make anyone cringe, I am obsessed with human suffering, I sleep naked and don't care if anyone stumbles in on me, I miss my childhood but I can't quite figure out if I ever had one, I love ice cream and cookies, I wear a lot of black, when I make s'mores my marshmallows are on fire for at least 30 seconds, I dig alternative lifestyles, I can be a hippie sometimes, I like to think that I write well but I think it's just masturbating my soul, I love fishing, I value your opinion but I also value my own, I love being outside and I rarely watch tv, I run a professional shakspearean theatrical company, music tends to follow me wherever I go, I am an insomniac with a scary live journal, and I am someone.

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User Number: 392681
Date Created:2001-11-13
Number of Posts: 510

Lady Orange has social problems and often finds herself kicking the shins of old men. she likes to think that she has friends, though the closest that she has is her psychologist. Miss Orange also needs to quit smoking and learn to keep the sheets on her bed.
Strengths: easily amused, hates Barbara Streisand
Weaknesses: disorganized, spazmatic, goofy, tends to wander off
Special Skills: creative genius that no one really comprehends, pounds on the piano, can suck on a popsicle in a way that makes boys nervous.
Weapons: whip-like hair, overly aware of surroundings and noises, those damn boots.
What Lady Orange Hates: girls, onions, tomatoes, shorts, that time of the month, doctors, people who chew loudly, bad grammar and wrong spelling, people who take floor hockey too seriously.

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