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there are places....in my mind...take it away - Vanturi Le Santicetus Tanturopaner Di Cerivos

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August 10th, 2003

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05:02 pm - there are places....in my mind...take it away
a doo doo doo a da da da this what I say to you....


this is my last show at ye olde "feastival" theatre (feastival according to the lake marquee).... and of course I arrive at great harvest 5 minutes after they close and I am screwed. now I have to buy a butt load of muffins or something to get off the hook. hopefully I'll get paid what is due today.

everyone else is moving the show to gwendolyn brooks for another week of performances on a bared stage. I consider this our self-inflicted wound on the theatre....what the fuck is wrong with roxanne?

I officially like Jordan less now. he still hasn't listened to the mix tape and he flipped out last night when I tried to get his attention by nabbing his lighter. he was pissed that I even touched it....but he was the one that wouldn't respond to "jordan! Jordan! hey!" ....so I grabbed his lighter and sure enough....he started looking for it. I immediately gave it back to him and he's like "don't ever touch this lighter!" jesus, man....sorry to drag down your drunken high.....what a prick. it's a fucking lighter.
I'm not insensitive to sentimental value or anything....I'd probably fucking puke if someone scratched one of the cds that dylan sent me....but I would never chew someone out about it. I didn't know that it was a life or death thing, man....

I'm such a moron.

I made a great speedy friendship with Todd Irwin, Kyle's brother. he's a character....more down to earth and much easier to talk to than kyle. he's also bigger than kyle....hahahaha....kyle has the smallest ass that I've ever seen in my life. thank god for girls like nepha to keep his hands full.

ehhh....I'm not in the mood for much more than this. call me, eh? and I'll update ya'll further.

new cell number: 17083730417

have fun.

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